Setup Window

1. Setup Window
This is the setup window for the A+ paperless driver.  After installing the screen should look like this.  Normally there should be no changes needed to this window.

Color option

If you are acquiring documents this should be set to Monochrome (black & white).  This will create the smallest size image on the disk.  Grayscale may create a little clearer image, but the size will be increased.
If you are acquiring a color document select 256 color or true color.  You will need to determine which works best for you.  Remember color images will be much larger in size on the disk.
Select the Color option that you will use most the time.  It can be changed as you acquire a document, on the fly.

Format compression

If you choose Monochrome or Grayscale then choose Fax4.  This will create the smallest image on disk.  Choose jpeg if Color is chosen.

Multi Page check

4. Multi Page check
Leave this on.  It allows you to acquire multi page documents.

Temporary image location

5. Temporary image location
This is where the image is stored, While the paperless grabs it.  The image will be removed after it has been imported to The Paperless Office.  Do not change this.

Loading outside application after print check

6. Loading outside application after print check
This should be checked.  You also, need to indicate where the program that will accept the image lives.  Again,  Installing this should have done this.

Save original name check

7. Save original name check
This should be checked.  It adds the document name to the file saved.

Add job ID check

8. Add job ID check
Adds a job id to the image name.  This should be checked.

Show Dialog before print check

9. Show Dialog before print check
Leave this checked at first.  This means when you print a document to the A+ paperless driver, this screen will appear.  Once you are satisfied with your settings you can unclick this.  Once unclicked it will save a step in acquiring a document.

Jpeg color compression

10. Jpeg color compression
This is only available when in color mode.  It will have some effect on the size of the image on disk.

Save button

11. Save button
Saves Your Settings.

Cancel button

12. Cancel button
Cancels any changes.

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