Scan Manager

Scan Manager
The scan manager allows to organize, view, and scan new pages to the current entry for this contact.

Horizontal Stretch

1. Horizontal StretchStretch your image to the full horizontal size of the view screen.

Vertical Stretch

2. Vertical StretchStretch your image to the full vertical size of the view screen.

Skip Page

3. Skip PageThis will allow you to jump to a specific page. When you click this button a drop down box will open with the page numbers  of the scanned images. Choose the page you would like to view.

Next page

4. Next pageGo to the next page. This button allows you to go to the next page of the scan.

Previous Page

5. Previous PageGo back to the previous page of the scan.

Change View

6. Change ViewThis control allows you to view the scan with or with out thumbnails on the side of the screen.

Scan Page

7. Scan PageBy clicking here you will be able to add another page to this scan. When scanning from this button the scanned image will automatically go to the last page of the scan.

Export to PDF

8. Export to PDFExport the page you are currently viewing or all of the pages of the scan to a PDF file.


9. PrintPrint current or all pages of the scan.


10. DeleteDelete current or all pages from the scan.

Scan Page Options

11. Scan Page OptionsScan a new page or replace the current page. This button allows you to scan a new page with the option of controlling what page of the scan it will become. You can also choose to replace the page you are cirrently viewing with the new scanned image.


12. SaveSave any changes made to the scanned images.

Open File

13. Open FileOpen another scanned image from your hard drive.


14. Save/CloseWhen you are finished in the scan manager click here to save any changes and go back to the Scan List Screen.

Thumbnail View

15. Thumbnail ViewThis view section allows you to view all of the pages of the scan in thumbnails. You can navigate through each page using the thumbnails or by using the buttons on the toolbar.

Zoom Out

16. Zoom OutZoom out by smaller percentages of the view.

Zoom In

17. Zoom InZoom in on the image by smaller percentages.


18. ZoomZoom in and out of the image by changing the percentage of the view. This will zoom in and out quickly.

Page Filter

19. Page FilterChange the filter over the page by clicking on the drop down box. The filters will change the clarity of the page. Adjust the filter to your liking.

Large View

20. Large ViewThis view area allows you to view one page at a time of the scan in a large view size.

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